No audio after windows xp?
1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
No audio after windows xp?
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2016-10-09 03:21:14 UTC
i might pass to the eMachines website and seek for the audio gadget drivers. many times those for Vista will artwork for 7. till you have the digital Boston Acoustic audio device that Gateway favorite for a spell, if so then you definately might have somewhat greater of a issue.
2008-01-24 02:21:05 UTC
knowing what kind of computer you have (make and model) can help determine what sound system your computer has(especially if the audio is built into the computer's motherboard)


if it's a pci sound card you can pull it out of the computer to better identify it
2008-01-24 02:08:34 UTC
1. is your speakers on ?

2. is the volume turn on ?

3. go to microsft updates and download the latest win xp patch .

4. go to or to find audio drivers.

probably a mircosoft driver it will work for most sound card.

5. get a new soud card with it's driver and install it.
2008-01-24 01:48:43 UTC
You need the AC97 audio driver. Its a standard thing.

I think you can download it from here.
richard r
2008-01-24 01:29:23 UTC
with xp you cant see the name unless the drivers are installed, run windows update, it might find it automaticly, if not i would reccomend vista, it has better detection for that kind of thing
2008-01-24 01:26:45 UTC
In the Start Menu Double click My Computer, then click Properties. Click Hardware, and in the Window that open you can see Device Manager, then click it, it will bring you to a window that enumerate all the hardware in your system.
2008-01-24 01:08:29 UTC
download drivers for it. go to device manager to see what it is
2008-01-24 02:20:27 UTC
There are several ways to go into Device Manager

1) Right click on My Computer icon on your desktop. > Click on properties (that will be the last option in the list) > a pop up window pops up with Tabs at top. Click on Hardware tab > You will see Device Manager link.

2) Click on start > click Control panel > Under Control panel you will see the icon for System > R click on the icon > same page pops up as above.. follow the same procedure

And as for your original question concerend.. you need to check for the drivers installed for sound on your desktop

Also you can configure the sound system from

start> Control panel>Sounds & Audio Devices.

Hope it will help you enjoy your computer. :)

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