Windows vs. Linux Comparisons?
2012-02-28 00:35:07 UTC
In the following categories:

- Who supplies the OS?
- Ease of Installation?
- Range of Applications available?
- Network Capability?
Five answers:
Linux Mint 11
2012-02-28 15:14:59 UTC
Overall a Linux based platform can perform most of the tasks equally as well as a proprietary platform using OSS such as the excellent comprehensive Office Suite LibreOffice

There is really no reason to use a proprietary platform these days with the exception of High End gaming which will always be the achilles heel of Linux. Otherwise Windows is all but reduntant which is becoming increasingly evident particularly where users upgrading from XP are switching to Linux permanently

The Linux Desktop is currently a mess with a plethora of options available. Unity as on Ubuntu 11.10 and GNOME 3 as on Fedora 16 are cluttered and in my opinion not suitable for use on a production machine. I need a Desktop Environment that allows me to just get things done with minimal fuss. This is where the older Gnome 2 Desktop Environment excels.

Linux Mint 12 goes some way to addressing this wth MGSE (Mint Gnome Shell Extensions) which is a layer built on top of GNOME 3 however like other distros. such as Fedora to deploy the GNOME 3 Desktop Environment for me does not convince

Linux Desktop Faceoff GNOME 3 vs Ubuntu Unity

There is a promising project being developed by Linux Mint called Cinnamon which is also a layer built upon GNOME 3 and will replace MGSE on Linux Mint 13 LTS

I thoroughly recommend the earlier release Linux Mint 11 which is based upon Ubuntu 11.04 Its easy to install and easy to use plus it comes with much of the software you are likely to need preinstalled

Linux Mint 11 Download

Linux Mint 11 Release Notes/Installation Guide/User Guide

You download the ISO. image of Linux Mint 11 then you need to create a Bootable LiveDVD

Linux Mint 11 can also be run straight from the LiveDVD without touching your Hard Drive

2012-02-28 01:11:28 UTC
Windows -

Who supplies it - Microsoft

Ease of installation - Childs Play

Range of Applications available - Lots

Network capability - Easy to make it connect to a network, can be insecure though.


Who supplies it - Released under Gnu Public Licence - Linus Torvald created it, but numerous people supply there own flavour of it - i.e. Ubuntu, Puppy, Slackware, Red Hat, Mandrake, etc.

Ease of installation - Depends on the flavour you chose and what you want to do with it and what hardware you have in your machine. Something like Puppy Linux is very easy to install, it boots straight from a CD, runs entirely in RAM, can save it's data to either a linux formatted hard drive or Windows partition, and has all the standard tools you could possibly need, plus recognises most hardware including many wi-fi cards.

Range of applications: Again many applications are available for Linux. Some applications like Microsoft Office aren't available but there are clones of these such as OpenOffice, plus there is WINE (stands for "Wine Is Not an Emulator") which allows you to run many Windows programs under Linux. New programs and upgrades to existing programs are constantly being made daily by the Linux community and many are released as OpenSource to allow contribution from other people to fix bugs, or make enhancements (one of the main reasons why Linux has far fewer viruses on it than Windows - because someone finds a loophole in a program, the community realise it, the community patch that security loophole, where as with Windows it's a case of someone notices a security loophole, someone informs Microsoft, Microsoft patch the loophole if and when they can be bothered).

Network capability - Network capability under linux is very good if you want a secure and robust network. It can be a lot more secure from attacks than Windows. However some issues you may come across is compatibility with wi-fi network cards. Some wi-fi cards do not have compatible drivers for Linux, however that number is decreasing all the time, and there is NDIS wrapper which allows you to use most wi-fi drivers from Windows under Linux.

Out of the two I'd say Linux is great if your using it as a server, also some of the Linux Live CD's like Puppy Linux is great if you are just using your PC for browsing the internet (Chrome/Chromium OS is another Linux based OS that is great for browsing the net as well) . Windows failed on my laptop over a year ago and since then I've been using Puppy Linux fine because I just can't be bothered to re-install Window and it works fine for what I want out of my laptop - I can access the net, use facebook, watch youtube, read e-mails, edit photos in GIMP, do 3D rendering in Blender, use Office packages with OpenOffice. Plus a few other good things with this is that if I get a virus I can just backup all my documents onto a hard drive, reboot the computer and tell puppy to wipe all the previously saved sessions, then restore all my documents from the hard drive, which takes a total of about 5-10 minutes, far more quicker than the couple of hours backing data up in Windows, and then the re-installing Windows, and then copying all the data back again and then re-installing all the software, and also if the Puppy fails to boot due to corrupted media I just burn another Puppy CD, where as with Windows if it's hard disk failure I'd need to go and get another hard drive, remove the old hard drive, replace, and then re-install the hard drive. With Puppy I can be back up and running from a system failure in about 5-10 minutes as opposed to a few hours with Windows, and finally one more thing the latest edition of Puppy Linux is always available free of charge from where as Microsoft can charge over £100 for a new edition every couple of years.
2012-02-28 10:57:37 UTC

Linux is open source FREE! no $ spent ever. is the easiest Linux distribution I use it currently because its most easy and most supported. the Ubuntu software center has lots of software! I recently dumped Firefox 10 and switched to chromium 17 since it came out and I like the built in spell checker. Yay finally a built in spell checker in my web browser at last! gets better my current opened tabs on my computer can be loaded on my tablet automatically when I open chrome on it.. its great! bookmarks sync to! its nice!

Networking capability?

Linux invented the tcp/ip internet stranded we use today! as far as connecting to my wifi network goes? well in Linux I have 0 issues connecting.. oh windows sometimes issues would come up..

viruses and spyware? Linux has none!

def-rag file system? nope in Linux the files do not need def ragging!

Blue screens? no wont happen in Linux....

operating system run slower with time? in Linux? no it will not happen.

applications crash? 50-% of the time in windows.. in Linux? 0.1% of the time

Basically think of the operating system "Quality of code" say 100% is perfect..

current scale of 2012

windows 50%

mac 99%

linux 98%

so there you go :)

and remember 100% is perfect code! that's the current scale of my 8 years of using a computer for 7 hours per day owned over 10 different brands of computers and used windows, mac and Linux and updated to newer versions each time they came out and that's my own findings!

and Linux or I use has a new version every 6 months so its always Fresh!

quality of Ubuntu code goes up with each new version! bugs are fixed and new hardware support is added! for example my laptop keys light up and before i could not turn it on or off or dimmer new version came out.. now i can :)

on Linux the computer is 80% faster! and chromium 17 just rocks on Linux.. I can use Google print share and print off my tablet!

oh it gets better when their is a new technology stranded? guess who is the first to adopt it into their OS? yep Linux! not the others.. and mac well you know they push their own stuff.. When usb 3.0 stranded came out Linux got it in their OS in what was it 2 weeks? 3? 2 days? oh I don't remember it was quick though.
2016-12-05 11:06:46 UTC
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2014-08-25 13:58:39 UTC

To get for free LibreOffice you can just click here

It is a complete mangment package that can be a great alternative to Microsoft Office, it has the same functions but it's much faster!

Try it out

Cheers ;)

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