realtek audio driver isn't working ?
2010-11-13 23:40:39 UTC
i've already installed it, and i've tried reinstalling it, i've got the driver here: , there isn't any realtek botton in the systray, and there isnt any sound output also, and there isn't any kind of realtek in the control panel, sound,speech and audio devices category. what's the problem?

anyway, before this, it's working, but not always, for instance, i've opened my pc for the first time this day, realtek is working but videos were lagging, even though i've already let them buffer completely, then once my pc restarted, it kinda vanish, or deactivated or whatever, there isn't any sound and the videos were great but no sound -.-

i've already downloaded another realter driver in it's site and in, but still the same, nothing changed.
Three answers:
2010-11-14 00:44:10 UTC
Uninstall whatever the driver is, then reboot the machine. Let windows reinstall it automatically (at least if it worked that way out of the box previously).
2010-11-13 23:44:48 UTC
follow this step.

1. uninstall the driver first.

2. clean your registry and reboot your software. you can find the registry cleaner here

sometimes the registry conflict might happen if uninstall did not happen correctly.

3. install again the driver.

hope this will help.
2010-11-13 23:44:20 UTC
you might be downloading the wrong driver for your sound. check device manager to see if its realtek that you need

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